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Get started with GraphQL

GraphQL is a special language for querying data. That’s what the QL is for query language. It was designed and built at Facebook to help developers request and receive the data they need for their mobile and web applications.

In this workshop, you’ill lean the basics or fundamentals of GraphQL and how to use GraphQL both on the server side and in client applications through practical examples. You will be introduced to all the main GraphQL concepts like Schema Definition, Queries, and Mutations.


By the end of the workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Model your application data using schemas and data types
  • Write GraphQL Queries
  • Querying Sub-Fields
  • How to quyerfor a GraphQL List
  • Passing Arguments in a Query
  • Add Variable definitions to GraphQL queries
  • Use and create GraphQL Fragments
  • Create Mutations
  • Use and create operation names
  • GraphQL Aliases
  • Make a Query from a JavaScript App
  • Make a Query from a React App


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