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Here you will get a clear idea of ways we can work together and if I’m the right fit for your next project.

What I do

I help businesses and independent individuals turn ideas into fully functional digital products. My work takes place in the grey area between user experience design, user interface design and front-end web development. From research and planning to executing high fidelity prototypes in code, I usually involve myself in projects from concept through to launch.

I can help you conduct research to develop an understanding of your customers needs, develop wireframes and prototypes to test and validate possible solutions, and build and launch a working product. Through usability testing and iteration I can help you fine tune the product to make improvements.

How I work

I use recognised Strategies and Lean development practices to keep the process as dynamic and fluid as possible. We’ll move thoughtfully and efficiently in the most appropriate direction until we find the right solution.

Who hir-
es me

Anyone who need a Front-end Developer & Product Designer experienced in building businesses from the ground up and launching them online.

My clients tend to be those keen to execute ideas, but don’t necessarily have the technical skills to do so. Or those who’d rather save on big agency fees by investing their budget in good design, at an affordable rate, from an independent designer and developer.

What I ch-

My rate varies from roughly £1.5k — £2.5k per week, depending on the requirements and my involvement in the project. I charge a flat fee for all projects, so no hourly rate, just a single project price.

Get in to-

If you have a project in mind, and you think I might be a good fit, then let’s talk about itand we can take it from there.

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