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I get a lot of questions about the tools I use for different parts of my work. I've put together this "uses" page that covers the tools 🔨 I use to make things.


  • Retina 5K 27-Inch iMac

    I use this as my main machine and a 2018 13 MacBook Pro for work.

  • Corsair K68 RGB

    An anti-ghosting with full key rollover keyboard. It's a dust and spill resistant with an IP32 rating and has practically unlimited backlight color combinations. It also has dedicated volume and multimedia controls that offer on-the-fly adjustments. Well yeah it’s fully programmable with Corsair Utility Engine or CUE.

  • MX Master 3 Mouse

    It's is an amazing desktop wireless mouse. It comes with many physical improvements and a magnetic scroll wheel for all dem infinity-scroll lovers!

Editor & Terminal

  • iTerm2

    Lightweight replacement app for default macOS terminal. It comes with cool built in features such as Custom Status bar builder, Autocomplete, Keyboard mappings, Non-ASCII Font support, and more.

  • Tmux

    I use it to created multiple terminals at once, and manage them all from one terminal screen.

  • NVIM

    I was using VIM together with Tmux about five years. The combination is really great development enviroment. I recently switch from VIM to NeoVim. Its Its extremely customizable to my needs and much faster than VIM/VSCode, has superb integration with any terminal, and it supports asynchronous execution this means if you use any linting tools, it will run it in the background without slowing down your editor.

  • VS Code

    I use it to opening bunch of projects at same time when working with workspaces.You can check out my VS Code settings here.

  • Aylin Theme

    Tried a lot of themes then decided to create my own called Aylin. It is a customized minimal theme to use a darker background to increase the contrast and it looks cools when recording screencasts. You can download it from VSCode Marketplace.

  • Recursive Sans & Mono

    I’m currently using this with NVIM, Terminal and VS Code too. It's built to maximize versatility, control, and performance. It offers a complete type system and it comes with five-axis variable font. Before that I used Inconsolata anke Mono, Fira Code, Operator Mono, Plex and many more.

  • Chrome & Firefox

    I am using both for development and general browsing.

  • Sequel Pro

    I use it for all my MySQL stuff. It allows you to visually manage your databases using favorites, colors and emojis

  • GitHub

    I keep all my public and private repositories on GitHub

  • Config files

    You can check my config files at my dotfiles where you can find all config files to set up a system the way I like it. They might not work for you, but feel free to steal from them.


  • Figma

    a design tool with real-time collaboration. Its like Sketch but more performant and cross-platform means it works in web browsers, and there are also native apps that let you work offline.

  • Photoshop

    I use it only for retouching.


    Both are so good for quickly optimizing SVGs those exported from different editors that contains a lot of redundant and useless information.

  • ImageOptim

    It allows you to optimize huge raster retina images (PNGs, JEPGs) by reducing file size without effecting the image quality and makes them load faster.


  • Netlify

    I use it to host static sites. It provides an intuitive online interface for building, deploying, and managing any static apps in just a few clicks, completely free for unlimited projects for one person, making it ideal for personal websites and small projects.


  • Alfred

    a turbocharged version of OSX’s Spotlight. Alfred serves as a command line for your entire computer, helping you launch apps, perform omni-search from anywhere, multiple clipboard, automation and integrations, with a universal hotkey.

  • Notion

    when it comes to been a productive, should never miss Notion s an all-in-one workspace where you can write, plan, collaborate and get organized. its one of the powerful modular productivity tools I’ve ever used.

  • Hammerspoon

    an open-source project, which aims to bring staggeringly powerful macOS desktop automation into the Lua scripting language.

  • Spectacle

    allows you to move and resize your windows with with hotkeys!

  • Zenhub

    IMO is the only project management tool that integrates natively within GitHub’s user interface. You don’t get any configuration headaches, no separate logins. Developers stay in an environment they love, and Project Managers get total visibility into the development process.

  • Spark

    I use Spark for email almost entirely. It aims to keep you productive with smart twists on ordinary emails, such as an intelligent inbox, a snooze function, and effective signature management.

  • Dashlane

    a great multi-platform password manager (Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS) and recommended by Apple, has all the latest Features and Integrations, plus your productivity can benefit from a place to store all your passwords and easily use them whenever necessary.

  • Google Drive

    I keep all my important files in Google Drive so they are available on both my machines.


  • YETI PRO microphone

    a great microphone I use it for all kind audio recoding. Sounds really good in your sound treated room.

  • Sony a6400 Camera with 16-50mm kit lens

    Sony's one of best cameras It has a kill autofocus system. I use this to record my screencasts in 4K.

  • Elgato Key Light

    I use this to light my face better when Streamers and Recording video.

  • Elgato Cam Link 4K

    I use it to connect Sony a6400 to computer as a webcam and record videos in beautiful and crispy 4K without any SD cards.

  • Rogue Amoeba

    I use Audio Hijack & Loopback from Rogue Amoeba, to combine audio from multiple sources into one virtual device when I am streaming, and recording screencasts. They are both fantastic softwares, highly recommended.

  • Zoom

    I use Zoom for my online workshops, as well as any regular private live streaming

  • OBS

    I use this when I do live streams on Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook.

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